On the surface we are both mommas to precious babies and wives to wonderful men. But our journey to get there has been very different, which gives each of us a unique view of life’s ups and downs what we are going through and what our families encounter.


Caitlin: I met my husband, Justin, at Auburn University while I was the Resident Assistant (RA) in the dorm that he lived in freshman year. After flirting for years, we decide to give dating a shot. We dated for a couple years (in person and long distance) before getting engaged and then finally married in 2013. After a smooth first year of marriage, Justin and I decided to start trying to grow our family.

Unfortunately, that didn’t go quite as smooth. After the first year of trying to conceive, we started infertility testing and found out there were some issues with my fertility. We went through pills, shots, a surgery, multiple procedures and thankfully right before starting IVF we got pregnant with our perfect baby boy, Luca. Once Luca was here with us, I decided that I would quit my job and stay at home full time.

We knew that we always wanted two children so we got ready to start treatment again a little after Luca turned one. Right before scheduling our infertility appointment we found out that we had gotten pregnant naturally! We are due August 25th and have just found out that we are having a baby girl!


Jamie: My husband, Daniel and I met working at Texas Roadhouse back when I was still in highschool. We started dating my senior year, and not shortly after Daniel moved to Atlanta for another job opportunity. Once I graduated I also moved to Atlanta for college to attend KSU, ironically, half way through my first semester, Daniel was offered another job with his family company, and relocated to Birmingham, Alabama. A majority of our early relationship was through long distance, and while it was not always easy it was definitely worth it.

Now I am sure you’re wondering where all this is going, but just bear with me.

During my second semester of college I was constantly tired, and nauseous. I had taken multiple pregnancy tests, as I was suspicious, but they all came back negative. The week of Valentine’s Day, I was profusely vomiting and convinced I had the flu. By the end of the week I finally went to the doctor. Well, HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY to us, we were pregnant, and not only were we pregnant, but 10 weeks pregnant. (moral of that story, at home pregnancy test are not always completely accurate)

We decided at this point it made sense for me to move to Birmingham, so not shortly after our oldest daughter, Gracelyn, was born we moved into an apartment together. I stayed home with her for the first 18 months, and it was amazing.

Daniel and I decided it was best to live together before taking the next step in our relationship, and I wouldn’t have had it any other way. (not that I judge anyone who gets married due to pregnancy, but that just wasn’t for us) After living together for 2 years, we got engaged in early 2015 and married in late 2017. We have since bought a house and had our second daughter, Brentley. Though we may have not had the most traditional path to family, I would not trade a second of our journey to get here!


So you see, traditional or non-traditional paths to a family, in the end we still have our families. Although the sleepless nights, snuggles, potty training, and motherhood as a whole may look similar, we all have different opinions/approaches based on our journeys. You know, the saying ‘it’s not the journey that defines you, it’s what you make of it’….well maybe, just maybe, by us sharing our experiences and opinions, we can relate to you and your journey! Because let’s be honest, in this crazy thing called motherhood – we are all just winging it 🙂

We would love to meet you and learn about your journey – introduce yourself to us in the comments!

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