Parenting Hacks to Staying Sane

As a momma, it is so easy to lose ourselves in everything that we have going on. We have to feed the babies, get dinner ready, clean the house, run children around to sports, go to work, etc. We are constantly trying to decide if we want to sleep, eat, shower or get things done around the house in the little amount of time we have to ourselves. So our time to ourselves typically doesn’t feel like our time at all. Therefore the question lies; how do we make sure we feel good about ourselves, feel like ourselves at all or just not feel like we are going crazy?

If only the answer was so simple! Here are a few things we do to help keep ourselves sane;

  • Load of laundry (every day): For the first time ever, I feel like I am always on top of the laundry. You just have to get over the life long lesson of “separating colors”. Once I got pass that, it has been smooth sailing ever since! At the end of each day just toss all the clothes from the day into the wash (on cold of course). First thing in the morning, toss it in the dryer and at the end of the day take 10 minutes or less to fold and put away! When you get in your PJs toss your clothes in the wash.  You can even get the kids involved and depending on the age you can encourage them to put clothes away or even fold themselves!
  • Relaxing bath (once a week): I struggled with this for a while. After Luca went down for bed I felt that I needed to have one on on time with my husband. A bath would take time away from our time together. However, whenever I do take a bath at night, I am less stressed, I sleep better, and our time together is more positive. So don’t let all the other things that you “need” to do get in the way. If you relax by taking baths, then make sure you take the time to do it!  
  • Baby free mom night (at least once a month): We are guilty of slacking on this but it is so important! Find a night that your significant other is home, get a babysitter, ect. But sometimes that time to just be yourself, not momma, is needed. Too often we hear about moms that have ‘lost themselves’ in their kids. Get away every once in awhile! Remember who you and your friends are.
  • Read a (guilty pleasure) book: No I do not mean one of your “how to be the best momma/wife/person/etc” book. Find a romance, a period piece, a mystery, a thriller, whatever you enjoy and read it! And on top of that I highly encourage finding a friend with similar book tastes. It will give you something to talk about other than mommahood.
  • Couples night (once a week): While it is important to take you time, as a parent, it is equally as important to take “us” time. Not only do we lose ourselves in being momma’s, we oftentimes lose our “spark” in the relationship by being so focused on what our kids needs are. Set aside one night a week to do something with your spouse (after bed time of course) watch a movie, show, or even play a board game. Not only will you get some good quality time together, but you may even have things to talk about besides your kids! REMEMBER; you and your spouse are not only parents, but an example of what future relationships for your kids will look like! Take time to invest in that.

Like we said, these are just a few that we use ourselves. There are so many other things you can do! What do you do to take care of yourself? To stay sane and not lose you? What hacks do you use to keep stress to a minimum? Tell us in the comments!

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