Just thought you needed to Know

This is a post for the moms to be, the ones who are already getting all the advice. Advice they want, they do not want, from friends or strangers, and from the lady at the store who questioned if you were even pregnant before launching into a spiel about all the things you HAVE to do.

Well if you’re looking for advice this blog post isn’t for you, BUT if you’re looking for all the things no one wants to talk about and we just thought you should know- You’ve come to the right place! Plus to make your life easier we have even broken them down into categories;


  1. Pregnancy brain is a REAL thing. You will forget alot, and it’s not your fault
  2. Hemorrhoids happen to most women, it’s not fun but it is normal.
  3. Your skin can change – in MANY different ways, and every pregnancy is different. I had an increase in melanin in my second pregnancy which caused patches of darker skin on my hands, feet, and stomach. Some experience acne equivalent to the teenage years.
  4. Morning sickness is not resigned to the morning, it can happen at ANY time of day and for some last during the ENTIRE pregnancy.
  5. Your sex life will be different – some women experience EXTREME sex drive, while others want to be left alone.
  6. You’re super sensitive to smell. Smelling ALL the smells.
  7. Being sick while pregnant is the WORST – you basically can’t take any real medicine
  8. Pregnancy can be painful – rib kicks are no joke people.
  9. Sleep deprivation begins pre-baby; restless leg syndrome, those rib kicks I mentioned, not being able to sleep flat on your back, and just over all being so big you CAN NOT get comfortable
  10. You will lose sight of anything below your waist. So good luck shaving and putting on shoes. Waxing was a saving grace for one of us!
  11. Lightning crotch is a thing – shooting pain in the worst area
  12. The bigger your baby gets, the harder it is to breathe

Labor & Delivery:

  1. After birth you have to deliver the placenta, and yes this does require you to push.
  2. Almost everyone poops while delivering – I know it’s gross but it is what it is
  3. You will cramp and bleed for at least 2 weeks – you can not use tampons/cups – so pads or adult diapers are your only choice
  4. You will most likely tear or be cut – this will require stitching and it will hurt if you sit wrong
  5. If you forgo an epidural, and have to have an emergency C-section they have to put you to sleep – this means you will not be awake to see your baby come into the world (this was a huge determiner in my second pregnancy, as my first was all natural due to no one sharing this with me)
  6. Epidurals wear off
  7. Some hospitals kick everyone out of the room, including husbands, when giving the epidural. This was a shock to me and very upsetting in the moment.
  8. No food during delivery, and depending on your hospital of choice your options may be limited to ice chips only
  9. Once your hooked up to the fetal monitor, the bedpan is your bathroom
  10. Hate to say this, BUT your birth plan is pointless – nothing goes as planned so pick a doctor/practice who you trust their decisions!
  11. You will forget about how bad it was.

After Baby:

  1. Sex will most likely hurt the first time – even after your doctor clears you
  2. You will be a different kind of tired with a newborn – no other tired compares, and I do not think there is an accurate description
  3. You will look semi pregnant leaving the hospital. Everyone’s body is different after birth, some people recoop faster than others. REMEMBER: it took you 9 months to get there, give yourself some grace
  4. If you breastfeed, it is harder to share the load – remember this when you’re waking up and your partner isn’t (I have to remind myself constantly). And even if they offer to use a pumped bottle one night or for a feeding, you would still have to wake up to pump so you don’t get engorged.
  5. Breastfeeding is not intuitive – it’s learned. Don’t feel like you have to know all the things.
  6. Swaddling is HARD. Watch all the videos (or buy all the velcro ones!)       
  7. Maternity jeans become everyday jeans
  8. It may feel like you will never leave the house again – you will, just give it time
  9. Your life will never be the same, but in the BEST way.

These were just a few things that we think you need to know going into it. BUT at the end of the day, it is ALL worth it. There is no love like the love of a child.

Do you all agree? Is there anything you wish someone had shared with you before the time came? Tell us in the comments!

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