Beach Baby Essentials

Do you remember the days when you would go to the beach and lay in the sun, quietly read, or carelessly joke with your friends/family? That relaxed feeling the moment your toes hit the sand and you could hear the waves crashing? Yeah… I hate to break it to you but those days are gone. To be fair though, it is replaced with a different feeling, with the heartwarming feeling of watching your little one take in a whole new world and to see pure joy on their face.

With that little one comes a decent amount of planning, especially with a beach trip, and once you’re there you can expect A LOT of watching, playing, and chasing. And while I can’t help keep an eye on the kiddos, I can help with the planning.

There are certain items that I feel are must haves for little ones and I wanted to share those with you. I hope my research and planning can make your trip a little less stressful!

  • Swim Diapers: For the first time parents out there, these are diapers that don’t turn to gel in the water. But be warned that pee will run right through!
  • Hat/Sunglasses: These are amazing for keeping your little ones head and eyes from the sun (especially if they are lacking in hair) and if you can get your kid to keep them on then PLEASE send me all your tips!
  • Baby Sunscreen/Baby Face Sunscreen: I suggest you read reviews and test these out before going! Luca’s skin reacts to certain brands. Some rash guard shirts have SPF in them! A great alternative, but if you’re crazy like me you’ll probably still cover them in sunscreen.
  • Flotation device: This is a given but I feel like a baby beach list wouldn’t be complete without it. However, I did learn on this trip that items like puddle jumpers are ‘swim aids’ and are not made to prevent drowning, like coast guard approved life vests are. Whatever you get, a good rule of thumb is to always keep an eye on those sweet babies.
  • Baby Powder: This is the magic beach item! I will forever carry it to the beach even after the kids are older. This will take sand right off skin, even better than water! It is wonderful for reapplying sunscreen, basic clean up, beach nap time (if you’re lucky enough for them to nap on the beach), etc.
  • Umbrella/Tent/Canopy: Kids get hot and tired running around all day. For the younger kids (before walking) this is great to just keep them out of the sun as a whole. But for those older kiddos it is a great break from the sun. My sweet baby would get to the point that he would run under the tent and find a chair to just sit for a while because it was so much cooler.
  • Spray bottle with fresh water: This is just helpful to have in general! Here are a few helpful uses:
    • After ocean play to spray their little salty faces off so it doesn’t keep getting in their eyes as they sweat.
    • When those sweet little hands are trying to get food and are covered in sand.
    • Finally, if there are any cuts that happen on the beach this is a quick and clean way to wash out the cut. I may or may not know this use because of being attacked by a crab last week!
  • Battery Powered Fan: for when they start to get too hot or to help keep them cool while they are napping (again, not that lucky personally)
  • Mini Blow Up Pool: This! For the kids that want to be in the water constantly this is a saving grace for mom and dad. Throw a baby blow up pool under the tent and they can have a ton of fun right there (without having to be chased down). This is also a great tool to have for those babies not yet walking. I suggest blow up because it is easier to carry but plastic would work too.
  • Toys for sand: A beach trip just isn’t complete without toys to make a sandcastle
  • Mini Folding Chair: This may come in handy, as your little one will have a designated chair, that may or may not be more appealing than your lap
  • Family/Friends without kids: 😂 I say this only half joking! Having our in laws at the beach allows us to have more relax time. Vacation with kids in not always a vacation for mom and dad unfortunately!

We do a beach trip every year, so help me plan for next year and let me know if there are any of your must haves that I missed!

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