Pink or Blue? Gender Reveal Ideas!

As we all know the newest and one of the biggest fads of our generation in regards to baby making has become a Gender Reveal party. I personally LOVE these parties as it gives you and your closest friends the chance to share your reactions, and excitement with each other when it comes to the newest addition, without the added stress of picking out a gift for the occasion.

Things to Consider when planning a gender reveal:

  • Do you want to know and reveal it to everyone else? Or do you want it to be a surprise for you and hubby too?
  • If you’re being surprised too, (depending on how you do the reveal) you may need to designate one person to know so they can get whatever it is (cake, poppers, powder, etc) ordered. Who can you trust for this job?
  • Who do you want invited? Do you want this to be an intimate affair or a big event? If you want it more intimate, be sure to set those expectations early so there isn’t any frustration. Absolutely, definitely, most certainly, not speaking on personal experience here 🙄
  • When considering the date, try to get the reveal as close to the ultrasound appointment as possible! You don’t want to be going crazy for days, a week or more thinking that you could know but you have to wait for the party. This is still true for couples that find out the gender and are revealing it to their friends/family. People will be trying to trip you up!!
  • Consider how you are going to do the reveal and how difficult it is to get the items need. For example, if you need to order your reveal item online, and you wait to order between ultrasound and party, it will need to ship in time. I would recommend just buying both pink and blue in advance and returning the one you don’t need.

So the last point brings us to what is your theme going to be. Personally, I find that it is more fun to cater the reveal to you and your spouse. So how do you pick the theme that fits your family!?

  • Are y’all into sports?
    • Kick or throw a football (Touchdowns or TuTus?)
    • Tee off a Golf Ball (Is baby a he or she? Come watch us spill the TEE)
    • Shoot a hoop with Basketball (Buckets or Bows?)
    • Kick a Soccer ball (Who’s been kicking mommy, he or she?)
  • Are you a little more Country? (NO judgement! We live in Alabama!)
    • Shoot skeet to find out  (Buck or Doe?)
    • Bonfire Reveal (chemicals change the color of the fire)
    • Target practice (target is filled with color powder or paint Guns or Glitter?)
  • Want something a little more simple? Then just go with a Pink and Blue color scheme and use one of the following reveal options
    • Cut/Bite into Cake
    • Pop a Balloon with pink or blue confetti/powder
    • Bust a pinata filled with pink or blue confetti
    • Party Poppers/Smoke Bombs
    • Spray your Spouse/Guests with silly string, paint, etc (warn them ahead of time, please!)
    • Set off some fireworks
  • I have also seen adorable bee themed decor for a “What could the baby BEE?” party!

Once your theme is picked it’s time to move onto planning, and as with any party, planning can potentially be the most stressful part. Is there enough food? Did we get a good video/photo of the reveal? Are people going to be disappointed? Who did or didn’t show up? As well as any rude or misguided comments that you may face. BUT here is what it comes down to, have fun, enjoy the day because at the end of it- you will know what that sweet bundle of joy in your belly is. And that is all that matters!

Tell us all about your gender reveals and any advice you have for others that are planning one!

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