Disney VIP Tour

Note: We were in no way compensated for writing this and did not receive any incentives for our opinions. However, Mickey Mouse, if you’re reading  this, we are totally open to it for future Disney trips! 😂

I had always heard about Disney being a magical place but did not get to experience until about two years ago. We got the opportunity to go with my husband’s family, and not only did I experience Disney for the first time, but so did our oldest Gracelyn.

We went in December, which is a very busy time, and she had just turned 3. At the time she was SUPER big into Disney princesses, so you can imagine most of our time was spent waiting in lines to experience the magic of meeting a REAL Disney princess.

While we did enjoy meeting them and riding a few rides, as we all know, waiting in line can be brutal, even more so with littles. On top of that, there are a total of 4 Disney parks to visit and with all the lines, it will take about a full day to get through each of them (that’s even with the fast pass option, since you can only use 3 at a time, and have to make selections up to 30 days in advance.) Needless to say, by the end of your second day in the parks your little has had enough… if only there was a better way?  

Well come to find out there IS, and let’s just say I’m not sure if I EVER want to go back to the old way. Recently, were able to experience the Disney VIP tour with the Park Hopper option, and let me tell you it was more than worth it!

So I’m sure you’re wondering, like I did, what does Disney VIP tour even mean?

Well Disney wouldn’t be Dinsey if they couldn’t make all your dreams come true! VIP is a tour led by your own personal guide through the park or parks of your choosing.

What are the perks?

  • Skip ALL the lines! Your guide escorts you to the front of each ride and character, sometimes even using back or cast member entrances! This blew my mind. During our 7 hour tour we were able to knock out the biggest rides/character meets in Animal Kingdom, Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom.
  • VIP seating at any shows, parades, or even the Magic Kingdom fireworks!
  • Insider knowledge your VIP guide is privy to. Our guide Elysa was able to tell us a variety of random facts and history on the parks and rides. It was amazing to learn even more about an already Magical place.  
  • Personal shuttle to each park. Not only do you have a personal tour guide, but that guides comes with a personal shuttle to drive you through the back roads connecting the Disney Parks.
  • Snacks! When exiting or entering each park, there are additional Disney staff waiting with waters and kid friendly snacks! This was a Godsend for us as we were there when temperatures were in the high 90’s
    • Lunch was not included so I would recommend packing sandwiches so you can continue riding through lunch time!

If you have ever been to Disney, you know, nothing is cheap! So the burning question- How much does it cost??

To be quite honest with you, I was surprised it wasn’t more for all the things we were able to do in one day, I was astonished. After all, time is money!

You can hire a VIP Guide for $315 per hour with a minimum of 7 hours for up to 10 people. Yes, you heard that right for up to 10 people! Of course, this does not include your park tickets, but honestly it is more than worth it!

Hang on though! Before you tune us out because, let’s be honest, while time is money- money is also money! A little over 2k is a lot but you also need to consider where you can save money with this option. So how does it help SAVE money?

  • Save money on the number of days you need park tickets. Since you are able to do and see so much in one day (we saw three parks in the first day!), you could choose to do less days in the park. And we all know less days equals less money!
  • Save on other things like hotel and rental cars! Again less days needed for visiting all the parks, could mean a shorter and possibly cheaper trip!

All in all we know, Disney does nothing short of magical, and this VIP experience is no exception.

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